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L’Eau de Monsieur

L’Eau de Monsieur

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The liquorice note

Liquorice gives Eau de Monsieur a gourmet tone, reminiscent of childhood memories and happy moments.


Patchouli, a fragrance with character

Patchouli has a powerful smell, both woody, earthy and dry with smoky accents.

Patchouli has character and is not afraid to show it. It is a sublimator, it is rich, sensual and charismatic.



The gourmet blend of licorice and authentic Patchouli offers you a refined elixir. L’Eau de Monsieur dresses you and highlights your elegance on a daily basis. This fragrance will quickly become your daily reflex.


20% perfume
For the man.
Made in France – Size 100 ml.